485 Visa Health Insurance Comparison

When applying for the skilled graduate visa (485 visa) you must show proof of adequate health insurance and maintain this level of cover. The 485 visa medical insurance polices below meet Department of Immigration and Border Protection's minimum standards.

Compare 485 visa health insurance policies from the largest certified providers

485 Visa Health Insurance Comparison
  • Price (Monthly)
  • Meets 485 Visa
  • Public Hospital Accommodation
  • Private Hospital Accommodation
  • Out Patient Services
    Post Hospitalisation
  • Funeral Cover
  • Medical Repatriation Cover
  • Maternity Services
  • Ambulance Cover
  • Dental Cover
    (Extras Policy)
  • Other Important Elements

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Please refer to the relevant policy brochure for full details including waiting period.

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485 Visa Health Insurance By Frank Is Ideal For Budget Cover

Our August 2016 comparison of 485 visa health insurance policies found Frank to have superior budget cover value.

Frank 485 visa health insurance:

  • Offers low priced 485 visa health insurance compliant policy at $75.00
  • Meets Department of Immigration and Boarder Patrol for the minimum health insurance level for the 485 visa
  • Offers public and private hospital accommodation only across Australia
  • Provides the required paperwork (letter) upon purchase required to the 485 visa application
  • Has additional extra’s such as ambulance cover and medical repatriation with high limits.

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Frank is a subsidiary of GMHBA which is a not-for-profit Australian health insurer. The fact they don’t need to make a profit for shareholders allows them to have competitively prices policies while having strong benefits. The fund has the best health fund reviews as of 17/07/2016. On Product Review their score is 4.6/5 from 193 reviews. Other funds such as BUPA and Medibank which have a score below 2.0/5 highlighting the superior satisfaction of Frank’s members.

There are two key elements which also allow Frank to offer the lowest priced policy. The first is that the policy has a flat excess for hospital visits each year. This means that if you visit a hospital, the first $500 of expenses will be yours to cover. For a family the total excess over a year is $1,000. After this amount, Frank covers expenses shown on the 485 health insurance policy brochure. The second is that there is a $100 excess per day if you want a private room. It should be noted most other 485 visa health insurance policies don’t offer private room options on budget cover.

What If Don’t Want To Pay An Excess?

IMAN health fund is recommended for those who prefer the improved facilities of a private hospital and provides:

  • The cheapest health insurance for 485 visa holders
  • 100% cover for treatments and accommodation related to those  procedures offered by Medicare (the government’s scheme)
  • Not only public hospital accommodation cover but also 100% private hospital accommodation cover
  • The option to pause your cover while you travel overseas for a holiday
  • The option to add extra’s cover such as Dental insurance to your policy

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IMAN is Australia’s only overseas visitor health cover fund and has over 30 years experience. They are owned by nib which are a publicly listed health fund with over 1,000,000 members. They have a score of 2.6/5 reviews from 35 reviews and offer your visa certificate showing sufficient health cover to meet your 485 visa health requirements within 48 hours.

How We Compared 485 Health Insurance Policies

A panel of experts including a registered Australia doctor independently compared policies from Australian health funds that were DIAC compliant ensuring polices met 485 health insurance requirements. This occurred on the 17/07/2016 based on policy PDF documents and information available on the health fund’s websites.

While the author’s of 485 visa compared always try to provide accurate information, policy prices and features may change by the health fund without warning. These policy and price changes combined with ‘human error’ encountered when interpreting policy information means that no guarantees can be made about the table’s accuracy. If you find any errors please e-mail us through the contact us form and changes will be made promptly. For the most accurate comparison, its recommended that you click through our table which leads you to the funds website and then download the policy PDF and read all the policy details and fine print including waiting periods.

What Are The 485 health insurance requirements?

When applying for a 485 visa application, form 1409 is compulsory. This form states that you must provide evidence that either yourself and any other member on the application must have adequate health insurance. This policy needs to met the department of immigration and boarder protection standards which the above policies all meet.

Form 1409 states that its a 485 health insurance requirement to hold the private medical & hospital health insurance for the entire stay. It’s also a 485 health insurance requirement to have a copy of the suggested certification letter that are provided by health funds.

The only exception are those temporary graduate holders who come from reciprocal health care countries such as the UK. These holders and can show their Medicare card as proof of meeting the health insurance requirement (if you have it). Irish residents may also meet the health insurance requirement with the proof of ownership of a Republic Of Ireland passport.

Overseas Visitors Health Cover vs Medicare

Just as some subclass 485 visa holders may have reciprocal agreements allowing them to utilise Medicare, so do more Australians. Despite this, a large share still choose to have health cover based on three core factors:

i) Tax

The tax system within Australia penalises those who don’t have health insurance through higher tax rates. This is called the medicare levy surcharge with a rate of up to 1.5% of taxable income when exceeding a certain annual level.

This same surcharge is applicable to subclass 485 visa holders who are eligible for reciprocal health care and don’t choose to take out overseas visitors health cover. This amount may exceed the price of 485 visa health insurance so it’s worth first discussing with your accountant first before deciding to lapse your cover.

ii) Level Of Cover

Medicare is by no means comprehensive. There are many services like ambulance that are not covered and those that are covered may incur ‘out of pocket’ expenses. These are costs for the difference between the doctor and/or hospital and what medicare is willing to pay for the treatment. Procedures may also have waiting periods which can be months to years. For a procedure such as a knee replacement, this can be extremely inconvenient.

Overseas visitor health insurance can help cover ‘out of pocket’ costs. They can also VIP patients to be treated faster as a private patient. This can also with most funds occur in a private hospital which may have improved facilities. Finally, private patients also have the choice of doctor for that peace of mind.

iii) Extras Cover

While hospital cover is critical in the case of an emergency it’s the extra’s elements that are most regularity claimed. Examples of extra’s range from dentists to optometrist (ie getting glasses) through to physio’s. Having a policy with some extra’s cover pay itself off each year if you regularly use these services (for example seeing the dentist twice a year).

If your unsure of the temporary graduate visa process view our overview of the 485 visa process guide.

This page was last updated on 08/08/2016