485 Visa Checklist

Successfully applying for a 485 visa and moving to Australia has many steps!

Our 485 visa checklist below has the key elements and documentation you will require as part of the 485 visa application process.

This is followed by a 485 visa checklist of all the key elements needed when moving to Australia for a successful transition to ‘the lucky country’.


Good luck & enjoy your stay!

Applying for the 485 visa

  • Do you have an employer who is willing to sponsor you?

  • Is your salary above the minimum threshold ($51,400)?

  • Have you consulted with a migration agent?

  • Have you passed the English test (if necessary)?

  • Have you purchased 485 visa health insurance?

  • Will you need to have a health check based on your current country of origin/residence?

Arriving to Australia

12 Weeks Prior

6 Months Prior

2 Months Prior

  • Have you used a currency exchange vendor to move money to Australia?

  • Have you arranged for accommodation when first arriving?