2013 Stats For 485 Visa Applications


The newest statistics released by the Australian government shows a huge growth in the use of 485 visa’s by overseas students who complete there studies in Australia.

While 20.7% of students chose to renew their student visa as they wanted to do further studies in Australia, or the remaining 79,3% approx 30% move to a temporary graduate subclass 485 visa.

Temporary Subclass 485 Visa Graduation


In fact when you combine both 485 visa and other skilled visa’s such as the 457 visa over 50% of students end up working in Australia!

485 Visa Statistics

An interesting trend over the past year is that while the number of 485 visa applications have dropped by just under 10% the number of 457 visa applications has increased by 70%. This may indicate that more employees are gaining approval to employ students under the employer sponsored scheme. Changes have been made to the 457 visa that have rolled out during this financial year which may curb this trend due to increased requirements to hire under this skilled migrant scheme.

With the Australian dollar dropping and student numbers increasing again in Australia, the use of the 485 visa program is expected to increase, especially taking into consideration the adjusted program rules that allow some graduates to stay longer.

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