2014 Statistics For 485 Visa Applications


The alarming trend of overseas students who finish their studies going back to their native country continues to increase with 485 visa applications lodged and received dipping significantly.
This means that fewer individuals are choosing to work in Australia on a temporary basis after they have gained the skills and knowledge from one of the worlds best education system!

An example of this trend can be viewed by February of each year with:
February 2012 = 3,629 485 visa’s granted
February 2013 = 2,738 485 visa’s granted (down 25%)
February 2014 = 1,731 485 visa’s granted (down 52%)

The graph below shows this trend over a 12 months rolling total.

2014 Statistics For 485 Visa Applications Granted

While the 485 visa remains the most popular visa in Australia at 15.5% of all temporary visa levels it will quickly be replaced by other schemes within the coming month. The two most concerning visas that are growing at over 1,000% are the 600 Visitor and 601 ETA visa. These two visa subclass visa options allow you to visit and even work in Australia but only for one year. The advantage of these visas is they are cheaper to apply for and have reduced paperwork. Of course the downside is the visa is only one year.

The growth of these short 1 year visas really raises the question to Australians, what sort of workers do we want in Australia? Those who are skilled and are looking to work medium to long term and even possible become a valued permanent resident, or those looking more for a short term holiday and to earn some money on the side?

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