Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance Comparison

485 Visa applicants must provide evidence of 485 visa health insurance. Existing OSHC cover doesn't meet the Department of Immigration and Border Protection standard set but the policies below do.

Compare 485 visa health insurance for couples on the below table.

Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance
  • Price (Monthly)
  • Meets 485 Visa Requirements
  • Public Hospital Accommodation
  • Private Hospital Accommodation
  • Out Patient Services
    Post Hospitalisation
  • Funeral Cover
  • Medical Repatriation Cover
  • Maternity Services
  • Ambulance Cover
  • Dental Cover
    (Extras Policy)
  • Other Important Elements

Essentials Cover

  • $83

  • (Max $20,000)
  • Total Benefits Caped at $240,000p.a

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IMAN Health Insurance For 485 Visa Holders

Budget Cover

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This information is indicative and provided for general information only.
Please refer to the relevant policy brochure for full details including waiting period.

This policy is a good match for this health insurance item
This policy only covers some areas of this health insurance item
This policy does not offer comprehensive cover of this insurance item

IMAN Is Recommended For Couples 485 Visa Health Insurance

A July 2016 a comparison found IMAN Budget Cover provides the best value for couples.

IMAN’s couples policy was found to be superior as it:

  • Is priced at $149.07 p/m which is one of the lowest of the major health funds
  • Meets DIBP requirements for 485 visa holders with a confirmation letter provided
  • Provides cover for private hospital accommodation with no excess (public accommodation is also offered).
  • Includes ambulance cover at no extra price
  • Includes Medical repatriation funeral expense cover

IMAN has strong reviews with a score of 52% based on 27 reviewers on The company has been operating for over 30 years and is owned by one of Australia’s largest health funds (nib) with over 1,000,00 policy holders (an ASX listed company)

About Couples 485 Health Insurance Comparison

When price rises occurred (May 2015) the authors of 485VisaInsurance met and created the comparison table based on policy and website information provided by each of the individual health funds. This panel included a registered Australian doctor to ensure patient needs and requirements were met.

As information came from the heath fund’s websites and PDF policy documents its possible some information may be inaccurate due to changes in policies over time. Frank was one fund not features on this table. Feedback and suggestions are welcome and will be made when correct promptly. Its strongly suggested that users view our tables and use it as a guide. When you press on a choice you will be sent through to the health fund’s website where you should first download the full PDF policy to look through the fine details such as waiting lists and maximum claimable levels.

485 Visa Health Insurance Tax Benefits

A key reason for many Australian’s having health insurance is due to the significant tax benefits. Once an individual (and/or) couple earns over a certain threshold they are taxed more (up to 1.5% more) if they don’t have health insurance. In many circumstances it’s cheaper to have a budget policy rather then pay the penalty tax. This combined with the benefits of private health insurance are key reasons to a high number of Australians and temporary workers on the 485 visa and 485 visa scheme electing to purchase health insurance even when it’s not compulsory.

For more information on tax and other temporary graduate visa view the 485 visa guide.

How This Couples 485 Health Insurance Comparison Was Made?

The authors of 485 visa insurance understand moving to Australia is not an easy process. To help the process, the table above was created by creating an off-line table first with players like BUPA, IMAN and Medibank and then creating the ‘top 5’ which you can see above. The information was finalised on the 28/08/2016 with information found on providers sites. You can’t purchase couples 485 visa health insurance on this site. Rather, your sent to the providers site so you can confirm the policy details and price prior to purchase.