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Allianz has a range of Hospital-Only and Hospital & Extras OVHC policies to suit all budgets and requirements. Below you will find more information about what they cover and how they compare to other providers in the market.

Do Allianz OVHC Policies Meet the 485 Skilled Graduate Visa requirements?

In short, yes. Most Australian working visas, including the 485 visa are subject to Visa Condition 8501, which requires you to maintain adequate health cover for the duration of your stay in Australia. All Allianz OVHC polices satisfy condition 8501.

Do Allianz 485 Visa Insurance Policies cover private hospital admissions?

Yes, you are covered for the cost of admissions to both public and private hospitals. However, you should be aware that you will receive a reduced benefit if you attend a hospital that does not have an agreement with Allianz. This may cause you to incur significant out-of-pocket expenses, so be sure to check before you are admitted.

Which Private Hospitals does Allianz Global Assistance have agreements with?

Allianz has access to most private hospitals in Australia through their arrangement with Peoplecare. You can search for eligible hospitals here.

Do Allianz OVHC policies guarantee a private room for hospital admissions?

Allianz policies neither exclude nor guarantee a private room in either public or private hospitals.

How do Allianz OVHC policies compare to competitors’ products?

Private Hospital Admissions

Unlike Australian Unity, Allianz 485 insurance covers private hospital admissions on all levels of OVHC cover, and unlike with Frank and some HIF policies, Allianz does not have specific restrictions on private hospital rooms, but nor do they guarantee a private room. However, like Bupa they provide reduced coverage for admissions to non-agreement hospitals. In fact, they explicitly state that you will likely have a significant gap payment if admitted to any such facilities. Iman stands out by providing unrestricted coverage in private hospitals on all levels of Hospital and Hospital & Extras cover.

Rebates on Extras

On their budget-priced OVHC extras policies, Allianz offers a combination of percentage rebates and fixed rebates, and this varies significantly between different treatment categories. This is a different model to other providers, with Frank & Bupa Policies offer a specific percentage rebate on all treatments up to the category limit, while Iman and HIF offer fixed rebates on a per-item basis. On top-level 485 insurance policies Allianz opts for a more conventional percentage rebate structure.

What are the waiting periods for Allianz OVHC policies?

  • 2 months for Psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care
  • 12 months for maternity and birth related services
  • 12 months for pre-existing conditions

When do waiting periods apply to 485 visa insurance policies?

Waiting periods apply to some treatments for:

  1. First-time policy holders
  2. People upgrading from a lower level of cover
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