2013 Stats For 485 Visa Applications

Some alarming statistics have been released by IMMI (The Government Immigration Arm) showing a significant drop in 485 visa applications & holders within Australia.

In the final quarter of 2014 the number of applications for student visas has increased by 13.5% making it the highest number in four years. With student visas on an upward trend it would only seem logical that as these students graduate conclude their study that they would like to work in the country they studied. The fact though is in the last quarter only 15.3% of students chose to move onto a subclass 485 visa.

2013 Stats For 485 Visa Applications

The newest statistics released by the Australian government shows a huge growth in the use of 485 visa’s by overseas students who complete there studies in Australia.

While 20.7% of students chose to renew their student visa as they wanted to do further studies in Australia, or the remaining 79,3% approx 30% move to a temporary graduate subclass 485 visa.

Indians Abandon The 485 Visa Scheme in 2014

Recent figures released by the Australian government showed that while student visas continued to increase popularity of the subclass 485 visa scheme continued to decline. Below shows the number of 485 visa applications that have been lodged within Australia. While the drop commenced before the previous labour governments changes in July 2013 clearly it has not helped the trend revers.

2014 Statistics For 485 Visa Applications

The alarming trend of overseas students who finish their studies going back to their native country continues to increase with 485 visa applications lodged and received dipping significantly. This means that fewer individuals are choosing to work in Australia on a temporary basis after they have gained the skills and knowledge from one of the worlds best education system!

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