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International students who successfully completed their course within Australia often want to stay in the country and work in Australia. In most cases these graduates will apply for a skilled visa that suits their circumstances. The most popular visa often chosen is the skilled graduate Subclass (485 visa) followed by the subclass 457 skilled migrant visa.

During studies, international students (and their dependent family members can work up to 20 hours per week during their term and limitless hours when the course is not in session. However, family members of master’s level students can work full time during the duration of the degree.

Recent visa changes had now adjusted the working period from weekly to fortnight with the ruling of 40 hours per fortnight providing greater flexibility. The changes to rules will help international students who would be able to manage their schedule in a better way without offending their visa conditions. The employers also benefit from these changes.

The recent changes made to work rights of international students are highly advantageous to students completing university studies in Australia. Once students complete their degree, students can apply for a work visa of at least 2 years. Students who study in an area that is very much in demand will be entitled to apply for a graduate or permanent skilled visa. Research students are allowed to work full time during their course.

Things to Consider

Things you need to know:

1) To be eligible for a post study work visa (subclass 485), you must have completed at least a 2 year course in Australia.

2) Students who submit a valid application for 485 visa are granted a Bridging Visa while the application is processed.

3) There are also possibilities for an international student to get a working visa without any sponsorship.

  • A Graduate temporary subclass 485 visa: for students meeting criteria or qualifications of taking at least 2 academic years of study in Australia.
  • A working holiday subclass 417 visa for people under 31 years of age who hold passports from eligible countries only.

4) To obtain graduate temporary Subclass 485 visa students must show their English language competency.

5) If you are on a student visa and studying in Australia, the student must study full time, if it is at post graduation level.

6) Students who are pursuing Masters Degree or a research degree can work full time after they have started their course.

7) Spouses and partners of students studying a master or doctoral degree are allowed to work full time.

8) On Student visa, international students are allowed to start a business in Australia. There are some rules to be followed. Students should not exceed the 40 hours per fortnight limitation 8105/8104. Students must consult an accountant to make sure the business is set up properly as per laws and regulations.

9) There are a number of ways students can get permanent residency while on a post study work visa which includes general skilled migration, Employer sponsorship, and family sponsorship.

10) The requirements for the 457 employer sponsor visa include sponsorship, nomination and personal. Both the 457 visa requires health insurance as is the case for health insurance for the 485 visa.

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