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Background To The 485 Visa

The ‘temporary graduate visa’ is also know as the subclass 485 (or commonly called the 485 visa).
The visa is designed for international students who have finished their studies in Australia and wish to work within the country.

There are two streams to this visa:
1) Graduate Work Stream
This is valid when a student who has finished studying have the qualifications that relate to the skilled occupations list. This visa lasts 18 months.
2) Post Study Work Stream
This more common stream relates to students who have graduated from an Australian university or TAFE. Unlike the graduate work stream any study area is applicable for this visa. The visa can last up to four years depending on the qualifications/degree the individual has (e.g a diploma vs a PHD). The you must have between a bachelor’s degree to a doctoral degree once completed.

How to apply for a 485 visa

You may want to engage in a registered migration agent for your 485 visa application to ensure it’s completed correctly and that you meet the criteria.

There are a number of conditions this visa subclass will require including:
a) Age
Applicants must be below 50 years old
b) Location
You must within Australia at the time of the application
c) Current Valid Visa
When applying for the temporary graduate visa you must have a valid student visa (572, 573 or 574) or a bridging visa or a substantive visa (Not 570, 571 575 or 576).
You must hold one of the following visas in order to apply for a 485 visa:
d) Past studies
A minimum of a two year’s full-time study must be reached (e.g a two years bachelors degree). The end of this degree must have been within the past 6 months, from a CRICOS registered provider and resulted in a bachelors, masters or doctoral (PHD) degree. Your course finish date is when the education providers lets you know you have met the requirements of the degree (not your graduation date).
e) English skills
There is a minimum English level that the graduate must meet. UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and NZ passport holders are exempt from this while those from other countries must get at least a score of six on each element of the IELTS test within the past 3 years.

Health Insurance

485 visa applications must meet condition 8501 which is adequate health insurance for the 485 visa(485 visa health insurance).
When you apply for 485 visa health insurance you will receive a ‘proof of cover’ letter which needs to be part of your application.

If you come from the countries below -your covered under a ‘reciprocal health care agreement’ but must have already received a medicare card (as proof or adequate cover).

  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland (unique agreement, please confirm arrangements with DIBP)
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Malta
  • Slovenia
  • Norway

While individuals from the above countries meet the reciprocal agreement DIBP will access each case on an individual basis.
It’s also worth noting that those who choose not to have 485 visa health insurance may need to pay between 1% to 1.5% extra tax on your income.
This depends on income levels and other factors which can be viewed here –

It’s worth noting any other family member that is part of your application must also have adequate health insurance arrangements so a health insurance for 485 visa holder policy or health insurance for a 485 visa holder policy will be suitable.

Application fees of 485 Visa Applications

Department Of Immigration and border control change their prices every 12 months with the most recent prices (from 1st of July 2013) having the charges below:


485 Visa Processing Times

DIBP has set processing time standards which for the graduate temporary visa is less than 12 months.
The link below shows current processing times –Skilled list

Bridging Visas

As the processing time for the 485 visa is quite lengthy, most students will apply for a bridging visa during the interim period may be required. This bridging visa will have the same conditions as your student visa so elements such as your OSHC cover must be kept.

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